frequently asked questions

Where can I see the prints in person?
We don’t have a gallery space right now, but we are planning on being at art fairs and dping some pop up galleries. We will post news of this on our Instagram feed which you can follow us here, or sign up for our email newsletter.

Can I buy an unframed print?
Yes, however unframed prints need to be handled with extreme care. The printed surface is very susceptible to finger prints and marks that can not be cleaned off. The paper can be easily dented as well. Our archival prints are intended to be mounted onto a rigid substrate such as Gator board and framed behind UV resistant acrylic. Hence, we strongly recommend that your print is taken to a reputable professional framer as soon as possible to be mounted and framed. To prevent damage, it’s best not to unwrap or unroll your print – please leave that to a professional framer.
Will the colour of my print look the same as my screen?
We cannot guarantee that the colours of the print will match your screen exactly. If you’re using a computer with a separate monitor, we recommend ensuring that the colour space of the monitor is set to Adobe RGB. If you have an Apple computer or iOS device, then the default setting should be okay.

What if my artwork is lost or arrives damaged?
If there is obvious damage on delivery, please ask the courier to return the artwork. Otherwise, please take photos of the damage and contact us within a week of receiving your order at We will arrange to have your artwork picked up and re-framed and delivered back to you.

Can you help me choose a size?
Absolutely. Please see our size guide to gauge the scale of each option. Before checking out, please note that the size you are choosing is the size of the photographic print. This includes an inbuilt white border, as shown in product shots. Framing your print slightly increases the overall size of your artwork. To ensure you have enough space on your wall, please see the approximate framed measurements for each print size we sell.

This is a business gift – can I request a gift receipt please?
You don’t need to. All purchase receipts are emailed to the purchaser, so we never include them with deliveries. However, if you would like a handwritten card included with your order, you can choose this at checkout and also specify the message you would like.

How do I take care of my artwork?
The acrylic used by our framers is almost unbreakable, however it can be easily scratched. If you do need to clean a mark of it, we recommend using a soft microfibre cloth, moistened with a small amount of water. The raw timber frames are not lacquered so we do recommend keeping any oily liquids away from them. 

Can I use one of your images on my website?
No. The images and text in this website remain the property of this beautiful place. They are protected by copyright and may not be downloaded, reproduced, copied, projected, or used in any way without prior written permission of this beautiful place. Use of these images for any purpose, without prior written permission of this beautiful place is a breach of law and may result in legal action. For further information please read our terms.